LAUREL PAHL : A Certified Erickson Professional Coach with a background in social work and counselling. Co-developer and photographer of the Discovery Chat Cards.

 I specialize in helping women of all ages with their career goals and the various transitions in life. 

Contact me for a free 30 min introductory session. 

In Person/Telephone/Skype sessions available

Erickson Professional Life Coach


Workplace and Life Coaching

Professional Coaching is both an art and a science - where you, the client, are honored as the expert in your life and work, believing that you are creative, resourceful, and whole.  We practice a solution focused approach.

Professional Coaching helps and supports you to produce extraordinary results and outcomes in all aspects of your life - one transformational conversation after another!  Through the process, you will deepen your learning, improve your performance and enhance your quality of life - now and looking forward!

Coaching will:

  • Help you realize your goals and dreams
  • Support you to move forward to answer:
    • What do you want?
    • How might you get it?
    • How might you commit to that?
    • How would you know if you had it?

The goals of each coaching session are to assist in:

  • Promoting self-discovery

  • Establishing achievable goals

  • Determining a course of action, and

  • Empowering yourself to achieve your goals.